The major update for 1.2 is the support for multiple languages.

Currently, it supports the following languages:

  1. English
  2. Swedish
  3. Japanese
  4. Korean
  5. Germany
  6. French
  7. Finnish
  8. Danish
  9. Greek
  10. Czech
  11. Russian
  12. Spanish
  13. Polish
  14. Dutch
  15. Catalan
  16. Italian
  17. Portuguese
  18. Simplified Chinese
  19. Traditional Chinese

To support more languages, basiccaly is to add segmentation rules and to identify whether the language has spaces between words or not.

You can make BasicCAT support other languages by doing as follows:

  1. Input the language code based on ISO639 standard to create projects and add neccessary rules to segmentation.conf in “project path/config”.
  2. Modify lancodes.txt so that Machine Translation Engines will recognize the code (normally no need to this). For windows, lancodes.txt exists in “users’ folder/AppData/Roaming/BasicCAT” and for other operating system, it lies in BasicCAT’s installation folder.

Multilanguage support is still in a beta state, please give me feedbacks if you encounter some problems.


  • Multilanguage support
  • Term history recording
  • Move configuration files to projects’ config folder