Video Tutorials and Demos

Getting Started

Translation of Japanese Manga

The above operations can be done in a fully automated way: But the translation quality can only be guaranteed with human intervention.

Text Areas Detection

Translation Reinjection

Chrome Image Translator Extension

Using ImageTrans’s Chrome Extension, images in a webpage can be translated directly.

Automatic Translation Server

The server allows users to use ImageTrans through the web. Params can be adjusted to adapt to different images. The video above uses a fast mode, which normally takes less than 10 seconds to translate an image.

There are two online versions at present. Version 1 relies on ImageTrans. It has a better result but there is a 5-time-per-day limit. Version 2 does not rely on ImageTrans and has limited functions, but users can use their own API keys and there is also no requests limit.

The language parameters of machine translation and OCR need to be set manually. The default language pair is Chinese to English.

Please note that the automatic translation result may not be satisfying which needs fine-tuning by human. Fine-tuning support is one of the characteristics of ImageTrans.